Tournament Events
By Day: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
By Type: Dagorhir Dance Panel Cosplay Guest Event Anime Tabletop RPG Tabletop RPG Rocky Horror Pokemon Scavenger Hunt Nerf War Maid Cafe Open Gaming Tournament Artemis Rave
TitleGMTypeDayTimeEnd TimeLocationMaximum Attendees
Weeb Jeopardy!Tabbatha Goulet & Jeb LeightonTournamentFriday6 PM8 PMClemens 123Unlimited
Katamari Forever Rolling FeverJeb Leighton and Tabbatha GouletTournamentFriday9 PM11 PMClemens 123Unlimited
UB League TournamentSean ChiuTournament Saturday9 AM10 PMSU Lobby80
Blind FightingJeb Leighton TournamentSaturdayNoon1 PMClemens 123Unlimited
Game That TuneJeb Leighton and Tabbatha GouletTournamentSaturday2 PM4 PMClemens 123Unlimited
Super Smash Bros Ultimate TournamentJohn TurnerTournamentSaturday2 PM7 PMClemens 10264
Dragonball Fighterz Tournament MitchellTournamentSunday10 AM1 PMSU 30630
UB League TournamentSean ChiuTournament Sunday10 AM3 PMSU Lobby80