Tabletop RPG Events
By Day: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
By Type: Anime Cosplay Panel League of Legends Contest Gaming Tabletop RPG Leisure MtG Scavenger Hunt Rocky Horror Leasure Nerf War Viewing Room D&D Adventure League Rave Guest Panel
TitleGMTypeDayTimeEnd TimeLocationMaximum Attendees
Singing Sword: RevivalBig Benny B.Tabletop RPGFriday6 PM11 PMClemens 2047
A walk through murkwoodDavid "Grnadpa Sarapa" SchwartzTabletop RPGFriday6 PM10 PMClemens 1236
- BATTLETECH - Table top combat RPGKen SeawardTabletop RPGFriday6 PM11:59 PMClemens 20612
Asrrban Arcanus Demo Pt. 1NickTabletop RPGFriday6 PM9 PMClemens 117Unlimited
Grey Assassin: The Unsafe HousePatrick ClaytonTabletop RPGFriday6 PM9 PMClemens 2196
Gangbusters RPG - "A Dry Spell"Rich ZimmermanTabletop RPGFriday6 PM10 PMClemens 2177
Miniature Swap Event! William TschaepeTabletop RPGFriday6 PM8 PMBaldy Kiva (101)32
Fallout: NiagaraZachary ParkerTabletop RPGFriday6 PM8 PMClemens 20225
Lyra's Lyric RunAmanda SeawardTabletop RPGFriday8 PM11:59 PMClemens 2027
Star Trek Tug of WarGarrett CroweTabletop RPGFriday8 PM11:59 PMClemens 2206
Star Trek TNGGarrett CroweTabletop RPGSaturday9 AM1 PMClemens 2066
Original D&D RPG - "The Haunting of Coalwall"Rich ZimmermanTabletop RPGSaturday9 AM1 PMClemens 1237
Dread: SCP Mobile Task ForceZachary ParkerTabletop RPGSaturday9 AM11 AMClemens 11710
Pirate's CodeHybridge GamesTabletop RPGSaturday10 AMNoonClemens 10710
MechwarriorRob GilhamTabletop RPGSaturday10 AM4 PMClemens 2158
Lords of WaterdeepRobert TwichellTabletop RPGSaturday1 PM5 PMClemens 2025
ParanoiaGarrett CroweTabletop RPGSaturday2 PM6 PMClemens 2066
Grey Assassin: Hijacked TrainPatrick ClaytonTabletop RPGSaturday2 PM4 PMClemens 2196
Grey Assassin: A Spooky RendezvousPatrick ClaytonTabletop RPGSaturday4 PM7 PMClemens 2196
Defenders of Fallcrest (2018) D&D 5ePeter ChericoTabletop RPGSaturday4 PM9 PMClemens 1176
Paranoia RPG - "Access Denied"Rich ZimmermanTabletop RPGSaturday6 PM10 PMClemens 1237
Call of Cthulhu Mother's LoveGarrett CroweTabletop RPGSaturday7 PM11 PMClemens 2066
Grey Assassin: The HeistPatrick ClaytonTabletop RPGSaturday7 PM9 PMClemens 2196
Lyra's Lyric RunAmanda SeawardTabletop RPGSaturday8 PM11:59 PMClemens 2027
Singing Sword: The Dark GodBig Benny B.Tabletop RPGSunday9 AMNoonClemens 1067
Risus: The Anything RPGZachary ParkerTabletop RPGSunday9 AM11 AMClemens 10710
Asrrban Arcanus Demo Pt. 2NickTabletop RPGSunday10 AM1 PMClemens 117Unlimited
My Little Pony RPG: Tails of EquestriaRich ZimmermanTabletop RPGSunday11 AM3 PMClemens 1237