Panel Events
By Day: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
By Type: Anime Cosplay Panel League of Legends Contest Gaming Tabletop RPG Leisure MtG Scavenger Hunt Rocky Horror Leasure Nerf War Viewing Room D&D Adventure League Rave Guest Panel
TitleGMTypeDayTimeEnd TimeLocationMaximum Attendees
The Do's and Dont's of Being A GMEdward Scott KrauzowiczPanelFriday6 PM8 PMKnox 14 20
Abridging: A Science with OreimoVA Part 4OreimoVAPanelFriday6 PM8 PMKnox 470
Final Fantasy XIV: Eorzea and beyondRav and Raijin featuring Sham and EbonPanelFriday7 PM10 PMKnox 11050
DM's Workshop 1: DMing BasicsNick SementelliPanelFriday9 PM11 PMKnox 14 25
D&D de Anime ga dekiru? (Can anime work in D&D?)Archmage_DerekPanelSaturday11 AMNoonClemens 10330
UBCon Improv ShowDavid SchwartzPanelSaturday11 AM1 PMSU 201100
DM's Workshop 2: Running the TableNick SementelliPanelSaturdayNoon2 PMKnox 425
THE TRUTHKoesama ; Foxy Seras ; Zemi42PanelSaturday1 PM3 PMKnox 20Unlimited
Kids ==> ReuniteCK CosplaysPanelSaturday2 PM3 PMNorton 21850
The Do's and Dont's of Being a GMEdward Scott KrauzowiczPanelSaturday2 PM4 PMKnox 14 20
South Park meets Rick and MortyRainbow Eclipse CosplayPanelSaturday3 PM4 PMKnox 450
Dramatic Readings by Bryan GritzmacherBryan GritzmacherPanelSaturday4 PM6 PMBaldy Kiva (101)Unlimited
Love Live!! with Doki Doki Rush!Doki Doki RushPanelSaturday4 PM7 PMKnox 10499
Philosophy of FMACharlie GreysonPanelSaturday5 PM6 PMKnox 430
K-POP Random Dance and Guess the tuneAshley graham houston PanelSaturday6 PM8 PMClemens 11930
A Very Potter PanelTayler ZPanelSaturday6 PM9 PMKnox 14 50
DM's Workshop 2.5: DMing After DarkNick SementelliPanelSaturday8 PM10 PMKnox 425
18+ Cosplay Dating GameNick and AngPanelSaturday9 PM11 PMKnox 20Unlimited
DM's Workshop 3: WorldbuildingNick SementelliPanelSunday11 AM2 PMKnox 11025
GM RoundtableZachary ParkerPanelSunday11 AM2 PMClemens 11930
The Ask Panel-ini: A Bob's Burger's Ask PanelPeter ChericoPanelSunday1 PM2 PMKnox 14 Unlimited