Leisure Events
By Day: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
By Type: Anime Cosplay Panel League of Legends Contest Gaming Tabletop RPG Leisure MtG Scavenger Hunt Rocky Horror Leasure Nerf War Viewing Room D&D Adventure League Rave Guest Panel
TitleGMTypeDayTimeEnd TimeLocationMaximum Attendees
Furry headless loungeGheld'zeey LeisureFriday6 PM2 AMClemens 322100
Story Time with Joe SkeetJoseph SteetLeisureFriday6 PM2 AMSU LobbyUnlimited
Harry Potter RoomThomas A NordstromLeisureFriday6 PM2 AMNorton 21026
KaraokeTabbatha G & Jeb LLeisureFriday9 PM11:59 PMKnox 104Unlimited
Fanfix Mad LibsRoshiLeisureFriday10 PM11 PMNorton 20925
Furry headless loungeGheld'zeey LeisureSaturday9 AM2 AMClemens 322100
Story Time with Joe SkeetJoseph SteetLeisureSaturday9 AM2 AMSU LobbyUnlimited
The Kings GAME!!!ShotoLeisureSaturdayNoon3 PMClemens 11930
Harry Potter RoomThomas A NordstromLeisureSaturday5 PM2 AMNorton 21026
.I have never DejaLeisureSaturday6 PM10 PMNorton 20921
Celebrity Jackbox GamesUB SARPALeisureSaturday9 PM11 PMSU 201Unlimited
Furry headless loungeGheld'zeey LeisureSunday9 AM3 PMClemens 322100
Story Time with Joe SkeetJoseph SteetLeisureSunday9 AM3 PMSU LobbyUnlimited
Coloring Contest Tabbatha G.Leisure Sunday9 AM11 AMBaldy Kiva (101)Unlimited
Harry Potter RoomThomas A NordstromLeisureSunday9 AM2 PMNorton 21026