Guest Panel Events
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TitleGMTypeDayTimeEnd TimeLocationMaximum Attendees
Voiceactor Q&ASarah Anne WilliamsGuest PanelFriday7 PM8 PMSU 201100
"WHAT HAPPENS AT THE CON, STAYS AT THE CON...?"Spike SpencerGuest PanelFriday8 PM9 PMSU 201100
Character Q&ASarah Anne WilliamsGuest PanelSaturday10 AM11 AMSU 201100
"HOW TO BE A FRICKIN GENIUS VOICE ACTOR, STEP ONE.Spike SpencerGuest PanelSaturday1 PM2 PMSU 201100
Cosplay 101: What is Cosplay?UB CosplayGuest PanelSaturday4 PM5 PMSU 20150
"DON'T KILL YOUR DATE (AND OTHER COOKING TIPS)"Spike SpencerGuest PanelSaturday8 PM9 PMSU 201100
Cosplay Crafting: How to Use EVA Foam and WorblaUB CosplayGuest PanelSunday1 PM2 PMSU 20150