Gaming Events
By Day: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
By Type: Anime Cosplay Panel League of Legends Contest Gaming Tabletop RPG Leisure MtG Scavenger Hunt Rocky Horror Leasure Nerf War Viewing Room D&D Adventure League Rave Guest Panel
TitleGMTypeDayTimeEnd TimeLocationMaximum Attendees
Death: The Card GameAlan GamingFriday6 PM9 PMClemens 106Unlimited
Affliction: Salem 1692Dan HundyczGamingFriday6 PM8 PMSU 2154
ArtemisGraybeardGamingFriday6 PM11:59 PMClemens 046
Hoffman Family Game LibraryHoffmanGamingFriday6 PM2 AMSU 215Unlimited
Board Game Library - Indie Game AllianceIndie Game AllianceGamingFriday6 PM2 AMSU 215100
Pokemon D/P/Plat Great cave Offensive ShotoGamingFriday6 PM10 PMClemens 10799
7 WondersChristie Jennings-WyckoffGamingFriday7 PM8 PMSU 2156
Dead Of Winter original game Sean GilgoreGamingFriday7 PM11 PMClemens 2155
EclipseTodd FreyburgerGamingFriday7 PM11:59 PMSU 2159
The Gate of R'lyehDan HundyczGamingFriday8 PM9 PMSU 2158
Raiders of the North Sea (Beginners)Christie Jennings-WyckoffGamingSaturday9 AM11 AMSU 2154
Hoffman Family Game LibraryHoffmanGamingSaturday9 AM2 AMSU 215Unlimited
Board Game Library - Indie Game AllianceIndie Game AllianceGamingSaturday9 AM2 AMSU 215100
Cheating Death DemoDavid ErbeldingGamingSaturday10 AM8 PMClemens 2208
Raiders of the North Sea (Advanced)Christie Jennings-WyckoffGamingSaturday11 AM1 PMSU 2155
ArtemisGraybeardGamingSaturday11 AM9 PMClemens 046
Affliction: Salem 1692Dan HundyczGamingSaturdayNoon1 PMSU 2154
Axis & AlliesEric LeonardGamingSaturdayNoon8 PMClemens 2046
Casual Magic: Commander (EDH)HoffmanGamingSaturdayNoon2 PMSU 21512
Dagorhir Battle Games DemoJanwinGamingSaturdayNoon5 PMSU Special Events FieldUnlimited
Free Dragon Ball Super tournamentRobert M DayGamingSaturdayNoon2 PMSU 215Unlimited
The North Sea RunesagaChristie Jennings-WyckoffGamingSaturday1 PM5 PMSU 2153
Pick your poissonDejaGamingSaturday1 PM5 PMClemens 10720
The Gate of R'lyehDan HundyczGamingSaturday2 PM3 PMSU 2158
Undertale Live PlayOreimoVAGamingSaturday2 PM8 PMSU 330100
Dragon Ball Super Constructed tournamentRobert M DayGamingSaturday2 PM6 PMSU 215Unlimited
Go Morse Go! TournamentTaylor CordesGamingSaturday2 PM3 PMClemens 10264
Affliction: Salem 1692Dan HundyczGamingSaturday4 PM5 PMSU 2154
GLUX TournamentRobert TwichellGamingSaturday4 PM8 PMSU 21516
The Gate of R'lyehDan HundyczGamingSaturday8 PM9 PMSU 2158
Pokémon Cards Against HumanityPokémon Club at UBGamingSaturday9 PM11:59 PMClemens 10712
Upon a FableChristie Jennings-WyckoffGamingSunday9 AM10 AMSU 2156
ArtemisGraybeardGamingSunday9 AM2 PMClemens 046
Hoffman Family Game LibraryHoffmanGamingSunday9 AM3 PMSU 215Unlimited
Board Game Library - Indie Game AllianceIndie Game AllianceGamingSunday9 AM3 PMSU 215100
Doki Doki Literature LIVE Horror ExperienceOreimoVAGamingSunday10 AM2 PMKnox 104100
Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten KingChristie Jennings-WyckoffGamingSundayNoon2 PMSU 2156
The Gate of R'lyehDan HundyczGamingSunday1 PM2 PMSU 2158
7 WondersChristie Jennings-WyckoffGamingSunday2 PM3 PMSU 2156
As of Yet Untitled Vampire LARPChristie Jennings-Wyckoff, James Jennings-Wyckoff,GamingN/AN/AN/APending Unlimited