Anime Events
By Day: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
By Type: Cosplay Music ? Nerd Humor Panel Nerf War Tabletop Gaming Anime Rave Games Film Screening League of Legends Video Games Sci-fi Gritz Meet Up Scavenger Hunt discussion Pokemon Gameshow Game Show Art Gaming Improv Video Gaming Card Games RPG Tabletop Game D&D RP Card Game MTG LARP Hearthstone D&D Adventurer's League Table Top Pajama Party Table Top Gaming Guest Panel Guest Signing Cosplay, photography Furry meet up
TitleGMTypeDayTimeEnd TimeLocationMaximum Attendees
Hentai Laugh-InBearded JeffAnimeFridayMidnight3 AMKnox 109Unlimited
Anime Viewing 1Salvatore GrecoAnimeFriday5 PM11:59 PMKnox 109100
Anime Crack 2017: Now with Less Commercials!Peter ChericoAnimeFriday11 PMOngoingKnox 4Unlimited
Hentai Laugh-InBearded JeffAnimeSaturdayMidnight3 AMKnox 109Unlimited
Hentai Laugh-InBearded JeffAnimeSaturdayMidnight3 AMKnox 109Unlimited
bad Yaoi dubsharlan and kotaAnimeSaturdayMidnight1 AMKnox 14 30
Anime Viewing 1Salvatore GrecoAnimeSaturday10 AM11:59 PMKnox 109100
Pose like a JoestarMickeal WilsonAnime Saturday11 AM2 PMBaldy 12024
Anime Name That TuneMighty Muckie Productions (Valerie Kujawa)AnimeSaturdayNoon4 PMKnox 20100
OreimoVA's Third Abridged PanelTyler LachlerAnime Saturday6 PM9 PMSU 330Unlimited
bad hentai dubsharlan and kotaAnimeSaturday10 PM11:59 PMKnox 14 30
Maid CafeSalvatore GrecoAnimeN/A9 AMOngoingSU LobbyUnlimited