Sunday Events
By Day: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
By Type: Dagorhir Dance Panel Cosplay Guest Event Anime Tabletop RPG Tabletop RPG Rocky Horror Pokemon Scavenger Hunt Nerf War Maid Cafe Open Gaming Tournament Artemis Rave
TitleGMTypeDayTimeEnd TimeLocationMaximum Attendees
Harry Potter RoomChristopher schmidtPanelSunday9 AM1 PMClemens 1730
Hoffman Family Open Gaming LibraryHoffmanOpen GamingSunday9 AM3 PMSU 215Unlimited
Board Game Library - Indie Game AllianceIndie Game AllianceOpen GamingSunday9 AM3 PMSU 215100
D&D AL Character CreationJonathan EllisTabletop RPGSunday9 AM3 PMBaldy 11030
Grey Assassin Playtest APatrick ClaytonTabletop RPGSunday9 AM2 PMClemens 068
Star Wars: Force and DestinyPeter LTabletop RPGSunday9 AM3 PMBaldy 1056
Peacock BlockPhilip LowereyOpen GamingSunday9 AM3 PMSU 2155
UBCon Maid Cafe: The Final DayUB AnimeMaid CafeSunday9 AM2 PMSU LobbyUnlimited
D&D AL CIC-12 Redemption at Talos SoundAaron TaylorTabletop RPGSunday10 AM2 PMBaldy 1137
The Lost Kenku D&D(5e) Amanda MunsonTabletop RPGSunday10 AM2 PMBaldy 1176
D&D AL DDAL00-03 Those that Came BeforeDenise WozniakTabletop RPGSunday10 AM2 PMBaldy 1067
D&D AL SQC-02-02 Last GaspFrancis DonougheTabletop RPGSunday10 AM2 PMBaldy 1127
Learn and Play Japanese Riichi MahjongJustin DilgardOpen GamingSunday10 AM2 PMClemens 19Unlimited
Dragonball Fighterz Tournament MitchellTournamentSunday10 AM1 PMSU 30630
Anime Parodies Showcase VOreimoVA, Quinn LachlerPanelSunday10 AMNoonClemens 32250
D&D AL UK-2 The Wayward WivesPeter ChericoTabletop RPGSunday10 AM2 PMBaldy 1077
D&D AL DDHC-MORD-02 The Lich Queen's BegottenSamuel BrettTabletop RPGSunday10 AM3 PMBaldy 1097
UB League TournamentSean ChiuTournament Sunday10 AM3 PMSU Lobby80
Coloring ContestTabbatha Goulet & Jeb LeightonPanelSunday10 AMNoonBaldy Kiva (101)Unlimited
Anime Viewing RoomUB AnimeAnimeSunday10 AM2 PMKnox 109Unlimited
D&D AL DDEX2-1 City of Danger, Drop-in GamesWes Allsbrook/Sam BuncyTabletop RPGSunday10 AM2 PMBaldy 1117
Kpop Name That TuneAshley and Katie PanelSunday11 AM1 PMClemens 10350
Cosplay Tips and Tricks by Lucky GrimUB CosplayGuest EventSunday11 AMNoonSU 201Unlimited
ArtemisGraybeardArtemisSundayNoon2 PMClemens 046
Adventure Time Scavenget HuntJessica GolebiewskiScavenger HuntSundayNoon1 PMKnox 14 60
UB Cosplay Tea Room: 90's EditionUB CosplayCosplaySundayNoon2 PMBaldy Kiva (101)Unlimited