Saturday Events
By Day: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
By Type: Dagorhir Dance Panel Cosplay Guest Event Anime Tabletop RPG Tabletop RPG Rocky Horror Pokemon Scavenger Hunt Nerf War Maid Cafe Open Gaming Tournament Artemis Rave
TitleGMTypeDayTimeEnd TimeLocationMaximum Attendees
D&D AL Character CreationJonathan EllisTabletop RPGSaturday8 AM3 AMBaldy 11030
SKEPTICSJonathan UsiakOpen GamingSaturday8 AM4 PMSU 2154
D&D AL DDEX3-1 Harried in Hillsfar, Drop-in gamesAutumn Armstrong-BergTabletop RPGSaturday9 AM11 AMBaldy 1277
D&D AL DDAL08-01 The Map with No NamesBryan HendrickTabletop RPGSaturday9 AM11 AMBaldy 1267
D&D AL GLIP-02-01 Blue ScalesEarl PapeTabletop RPGSaturday9 AM11 AMBaldy 1057
Axis & AlliesEric LeonardOpen GamingSaturday9 AM5 PMClemens 1076
Hoffman Family Open Gaming LibraryHoffmanOpen GamingSaturday9 AM3 AMSU 215Unlimited
Board Game Library - Indie Game AllianceIndie Game AllianceOpen GamingSaturday9 AM3 AMSU 215100
Peacock BlockPhilip LowereyOpen GamingSaturday9 AM3 AMSU 2155
D&D AL QCC2018-01 Of Gods and MonstersScott MooreTabletop RPGSaturday9 AM11 AMBaldy 1257
UB League TournamentSean ChiuTournament Saturday9 AM10 PMSU Lobby80
Tiny Board Gaming RoomSome Nerd Named TomOpen GamingSaturday9 AM3 PMSU 21520
D&D AL WWC-01 In the Face of FearThomas SmithTabletop RPGSaturday9 AM11 AMBaldy 1117
UBCon Maid Cafe: The Second DayUB AnimeMaid CafeSaturday9 AM11 PMSU LobbyUnlimited
Cosplay Contest RegistrationUB CosplayCosplaySaturday9 AM1 PMSU LobbyUnlimited
An Im-Promt-Tu Game!Callie "Okami" SholtzPanelSaturday10 AM3 PMClemens 1720
Learn and Play Japanese Riichi MahjongJustin DilgardOpen GamingSaturday10 AM11 PMClemens 19Unlimited
Anime Viewing RoomUB AnimeAnimeSaturday10 AM10 PMKnox 109Unlimited
Murder Mystery Scavenger HuntUB CosplayCosplaySaturday10 AM5 PMKnox 110Unlimited
Getting Started in Cosplay by Lucky GrimUB CosplayGuest EventSaturday10 AM11 AMSU 201Unlimited
Cosplay Repair RoomUB CosplayCosplaySaturday10 AM3 PMKnox 110Unlimited
UBCON Improv ShowDavid SchwartzGuest EventSaturday11 AM1 PMSU 201Unlimited
D&D AL EPIC Stardock Under SiegeJonathan Kennedy-EllisTabletop RPGSaturday11 AM5 PMBaldy Lobby100
Cosplaying With a Disability by MiraculousLollipopUB CosplayGuest EventSaturday11 AMNoonKnox 20Unlimited
The Lost Kenku D&D(5e) Amanda MunsonTabletop RPGSaturdayNoon3 PMBaldy 1116
ArtemisGraybeardArtemisSaturdayNoon9 PMClemens 046
Blind FightingJeb Leighton TournamentSaturdayNoon1 PMClemens 123Unlimited
Anime Name That TuneMighty Muckie Prod.AnimeSaturdayNoon2 PMSU 330100
Grey Assassin Playtest BPatrick ClaytonTabletop RPGSaturdayNoon5 PMClemens 068
Dagorhir Demo/BattlesTartarus InvictusDagorhirSaturdayNoon6 PMBaldy Kiva (101)150
Doki Doki Rush! Dance GatheringDoki Doki Rush!PanelSaturday1 PM3 PMKnox 4100
couch gaming (but not on a couch)harlan and kotaOpen GamingSaturday1 PM4 PMClemens 32240
Undertale Live PlayOreimoVA, Quinn LachlerPanelSaturday1 PM7 PMClemens 119100
UB Cosplay Pre-judgingUB CosplayCosplaySaturday1 PM3 PMKnox 2025
Pokemon TriviaUB Pokemon ClubPokemonSaturday1 PM2 PMKnox 104Unlimited
The Magical Girl Game ShowAmy Washburn, Danielle Ing, Jennifer IngpanelSaturday2 PM4 PMSU 330100
Battle Of Wits Game showBig Benny B.PanelSaturday2 PM3 PMKnox 10430
Game That TuneJeb Leighton and Tabbatha GouletTournamentSaturday2 PM4 PMClemens 123Unlimited
Super Smash Bros Ultimate TournamentJohn TurnerTournamentSaturday2 PM7 PMClemens 10264
What's Your Quirk?Nick Harris PanelSaturday2 PM5 PMKnox 14 Unlimited
Corrupted EstablishmentUncle UnbatedTabletop RPGSaturday2 PM6 PMBaldy 1128
Vocaloid Dance Along PanelAutumn RosenhahnDanceSaturday3 PM4 PMBaldy 10850
Gunpla 101 - Beginner and Building eventGunpla Knights (local gundam fan club)PanelSaturday3 PM6 PMKnox 2050
Kids games for all ages(Adults welcome)Hoffman family game libraryOpen GamingSaturday3 PM5 PMSU 21512
Yuri on Ice!!! Scavenger HuntJessica GolebiewskiScavenger HuntSaturday3 PM4 PMKnox 460
Cosplay ContestUB CosplayCosplaySaturday3 PM5 PMSU 201Unlimited
Vocaloid Name That TuneAutumn RosenhahnAnimeSaturday4 PM5 PMBaldy 10850
Bad Fanfiction with Bryan GritzmacherBryan GritzmacherPanelSaturday5 PM7 PMSU 330Unlimited
Naruto Themed Quiplash Felicia FortunatoPanelSaturday5 PM7 PMKnox 14 150
Monopoly: Like you've never played it beforeHoffman Family Game LibraryOpen GamingSaturday5 PM9 PMSU 2154
In-Character ContestKayleigh RPanelSaturday5 PM7 PMKnox 104100
D&D AL CIC-11 Death at Peril IslandDavid DoleTabletop RPGSaturday6 PM10 PMBaldy 1187
D&D AL DDAL00-01 Window to the PastDenise WozniakTabletop RPGSaturday6 PM10 PMBaldy 1077
D&D AL GLIP-01-03 Citadel of VlaakithEarl PapeTabletop RPGSaturday6 PM10 PMBaldy 1057
Ding dong songs God himself PanelSaturday6 PM7 PMClemens 10630
"Get in the robot UB!" Mecha fandom panelGunpla Knights (local gundam fan club)PanelSaturday6 PM7 PMKnox 11050
D&D AL LINKS-01 Champion of the PeopleJared SkinnerTabletop RPGSaturday6 PM10 PMBaldy 1207
Boku no Hero/My Hero Academia Scavenger HuntJessica GolebiewskiScavenger HuntSaturday6 PM7 PMKnox 460
D&D AL SQC-02-01 None the WiserNiel GallagherTabletop RPGSaturday6 PM10 PMBaldy 1127
D&D AL UK-1 Call of ElvenflowPeter ChericoTabletop RPGSaturday6 PM10 PMBaldy 1067
D&D AL TRI-02 Impressions Left BehindSamuel BrettTabletop RPGSaturday6 PM10 PMBaldy 1097
UB Cosplay Murder Mystery ShowUB CosplayCosplaySaturday6 PM8 PMKnox 20Unlimited
D&D AL DDEX2-1 City of Danger, Drop-in GamesWes Allsbrook/Sam BuncyTabletop RPGSaturday6 PM10 PMBaldy 1117
Kpop Random Dance Ashley and Katie DanceSaturday7 PM9 PMBaldy 11780
"No zaku" - a History of GundamGunpla Knights (local gundam fan club)PanelSaturday7 PM8 PMKnox 11050
bad hentai dubs 2: THE TERRA-DUBBINGharlan and kotaAnimeSaturday7 PM10 PMKnox 435
Don't break anythingJacob Steinbroner PanelSaturday7 PM9 PMClemens 10640
Conventional Chaos Presents: The UBCon 30 R.A.V.E.Christopher M SlombaRaveSaturday8 PM11 PMBaldy Kiva (101)Unlimited
We Are the Crystal Gems! (Steven Universe Hangout)JasperPanelSaturday8 PM10 PMClemens 119Unlimited
Full Moon: WerewolfJill and MilesPanelSaturday8 PM10 PMClemens 0640
Super Danganronpa 2 Werewolf game!Rin WitterPanelSaturday8 PM10 PMClemens 10240
18+ Cosplay Dating GameNick Harris CosplaySaturday9 PM11 PMKnox 104Unlimited
Casual Switch Hangout RoomTabbatha Goulet & Jeb LeightonPanelSaturday9 PM11:59 PMClemens 123Unlimited
Cosplay Horror Stories by MiraculousLollipopUB CosplayGuest EventSaturday9 PM10 PMSU 201Unlimited
Mystery Hentai Theater 3000Bearded JeffAnimeSaturday10 PM2 AMKnox 109Unlimited
Free Draft after darkHoffman Family Game LibraryOpen GamingSaturday10 PM3 AMSU 215Unlimited
Saturday Night Karaoke Jennifer and Danielle PanelSaturday10 PM11:59 PMKnox 480
Pokemon Cards Against HumanityUB Pokemon ClubPokemonSaturday10 PM11:59 PMKnox 14 35
D&D AL DDAL06-03 Crypt of the Death GiantsWes AllsbrookTabletop RPGSaturday10 PM1 AMBaldy 1117
Saturday Night Nerf WarB rye the nerf war guyNerf WarSaturday11 PM3 AMSU LobbyUnlimited