Friday Events
By Day: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
By Type: Dagorhir Dance Panel Cosplay Guest Event Anime Tabletop RPG Tabletop RPG Rocky Horror Pokemon Scavenger Hunt Nerf War Maid Cafe Open Gaming Tournament Artemis Rave
TitleGMTypeDayTimeEnd TimeLocationMaximum Attendees
D&D AL GLIP-01-01 Glip DakAaron TaylorTabletop RPGFriday6 PM8 PMBaldy 1177
Kpop & Jpop KaraokeAshley and katiePanelFriday6 PM8 PMClemens 10360
D&D AL DDEX3-1 Harried in Hillsfar, Drop-in gamesAutumn Armstrong-BergTabletop RPGFriday6 PM10 PMBaldy 1277
D&D AL CIC-10 Terror at Soward ManorBryan HendrickTabletop RPGFriday6 PM10 PMBaldy 1077
D&D AL SQC-001 The Woodland SageDavid DoleTabletop RPGFriday6 PM10 PMBaldy 1187
D&D AL TRI-01 Into the DarknessFrancis DonougheTabletop RPGFriday6 PM10 PMBaldy 1197
ArtemisGraybeardArtemisFriday6 PM9 PMClemens 046
pokemon vs digimon: a fan perspective part 2harlan and kotaPanelFriday6 PM8 PMClemens 1760
Hoffman Family Open Gaming LibraryHoffmanOpen GamingFriday6 PM3 AMSU 215Unlimited
Board Game Library - Indie Game AllianceIndie Game AllianceOpen GamingFriday6 PM3 AMSU 215100
D&D AL Character CreationJonathan EllisTabletop RPGFriday6 PM2 AMBaldy 10930
Learn and Play Japanese Riichi MahjongJustin DilgardOpen GamingFriday6 PM11 PMClemens 19Unlimited
Pokemon Vs DigimonNick Harris PanelFriday6 PM8 PMKnox 14 Unlimited
Deltarune Live PlayOreimoVA, Quinn LachlerPanelFriday6 PM10 PMClemens 322100
Peacock BlockPhilip LowereyOpen GamingFriday6 PM3 AMSU 2155
The Kings GAME!ShotomonXPanelFriday6 PM8 PMBaldy 115Unlimited
Weeb Jeopardy!Tabbatha Goulet & Jeb LeightonTournamentFriday6 PM8 PMClemens 123Unlimited
UBCon Maid Cafe: The First DayUB AnimeMaid CafeFriday6 PM11 PMSU LobbyUnlimited
Anime Viewing RoomUB AnimeAnimeFriday6 PM11 PMKnox 4Unlimited
Iron CosplayUB CosplayCosplayFriday6 PM7 PMKnox 10424
2nd Annual MiniSwap EventWilliam TschaepePanelFriday6 PM7 PMClemens 10215
RIP VineHoney and The BeaPanelFriday7 PM9 PMSU 33045
18+ In-Character ContestKayleigh RPanelFriday7 PM9 PMKnox 104100
Dashcon Simulator (A meet and greet)MelissaPanelFriday7 PM9 PMSU Behind 21020
90's Retro Cosplay BallUB CosplayCosplayFriday7 PM9 PMBaldy Kiva (101)100
D&D AL GLIP-01-02 Beneath Glip DakAaron TaylorTabletop RPG Friday8 PM10 PMBaldy 1177
Miyazaki/ Studio Ghibli Movies Scavenger Hunt Jessica GolebiewskiScavenger HuntFriday8 PM9 PMKnox 14 60
Technology in Cosplay by Lucky GrimUB CosplayGuest EventFriday8 PM9 PMSU 201Unlimited
Love Live! With Doki Doki Rush!Doki Doki Rush!Panel Friday9 PM11 PMBaldy Kiva (101)100
cosplay improvharlan and kotaCosplayFriday9 PM11 PMSU 33040
Katamari Forever Rolling FeverJeb Leighton and Tabbatha GouletTournamentFriday9 PM11 PMClemens 123Unlimited
Disney Karaoke Jennifer and Danielle PanelFriday9 PM11:59 PMKnox 14 70
Free Draft after darkHoffman Family Game LibraryOpen GamingFriday10 PM3 AMSU 215Unlimited
Anime Crack: Live!Peter ChericoPanelFriday10 PM11:59 PMKnox 109Unlimited
Friday Night Nerf WarB rye the nerf war guyNerf WarFriday11 PM3 AMSU LobbyUnlimited
Rocky Horror Picture ShowMelissa Rocky HorrorFriday11:59 PM2 AMSU 33070