Friday Events
By Day: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
By Type: Cosplay Music ? Nerd Humor Panel Nerf War Tabletop Gaming Anime Rave Games Film Screening League of Legends Video Games Sci-fi Gritz Meet Up Scavenger Hunt discussion Pokemon Gameshow Game Show Art Gaming Improv Video Gaming Card Games RPG Tabletop Game D&D RP Card Game MTG LARP Hearthstone D&D Adventurer's League Table Top Pajama Party Table Top Gaming Guest Panel Guest Signing Cosplay, photography Furry meet up
TitleGMTypeDayTimeEnd TimeLocationMaximum Attendees
Hentai Laugh-InBearded JeffAnimeFridayMidnight3 AMKnox 109Unlimited
Furry RoomJulia SlezakFurry meet upFriday4 PM11 PMBaldy 31750
Death: The Card GameAlan McNamaraCard GameFriday5 PM9 PMBaldy 11550
DPH Games LibraryDan HundyczTabletop GamingFriday5 PMOngoingClemens 2198
ArtemisGraybeardRPGFriday5 PM11 PMClemens 11910
Let's Play Live! IIxMadmanxII At UBCON!IIxMadManxIIpanelFriday5 PM11:59 PMBaldy 11460
Anime Viewing 1Salvatore GrecoAnimeFriday5 PM11:59 PMKnox 109100
Felines and Fortresses Amanda SeawarTabletop GameFriday6 PMOngoingClemens 10812
ANIME GAME SHOW!!Crygin (Shakur) Game Show Friday6 PM8 PMKnox 14 60
AL DDAL04-14 The Dark LordD&D Adventurer's LeagueD&D Adventurer's LeagueFriday6 PMOngoingBaldy 1097
AL DDAL05-17 Hartkiller’s HornD&D Adventurer's LeagueD&D Adventurer's LeagueFriday6 PMOngoingBaldy 11112
AL DDAL05-18 The Mysterious IsleD&D Adventurer's LeagueD&D Adventurer's LeagueFriday6 PMOngoingBaldy 11212
AL CCC-TRI-01 YUL1 Into the DarknessD&D Adventurer's LeagueD&D Adventurer's LeagueFriday6 PMOngoingBaldy 10512
AL DND Playtest Tier 2D&D Adventurer's LeagueD&D Adventurer's LeagueFriday6 PMOngoingBaldy 1137
AL Premier DDAL06-01 A Thousand Tiny DeathsD&D Adventurer's LeagueD&D Adventurer's LeagueFriday6 PM8 PMBaldy 10612
PathFinder- The Vilhon ReachDM BaronGoliath72D&DFriday6 PM10 PMClemens 2176
The School idol festival of fun!Eli Ayase?Friday6 PM8 PMClemens 22120
Cosplay Horror StoriesH.C. ProductionsCosplayFriday6 PM8 PMBaldy 12330
Open Gaming LibraryHoffmanTabletop GamingFriday6 PMOngoingSU 210Unlimited
Indie Game Alliance Tabletop Game LibraryIndie Game AllianceTabletop GamingFriday6 PMOngoingSU 210100
K-POP Dance GameKuraMusicFriday6 PM7 PMBaldy 108100
Pose like a Joestar!Mickeal WilsonCosplay, photographyFriday6 PM8 PMBaldy 120100
Edge of the Empire: Trouble BrewingPeter LambertTabletop Gaming Friday6 PM10 PMClemens 2156
Edge of the Empire: Trouble BrewingPeter LambertTabletop Gaming Friday6 PM10 PMClemens 2156
Gotta sketch'em AllTabbatha GouletPokemonFriday6 PM7 PMBaldy 118Unlimited
How to Start TwitchingTyler LachlerGamingFriday6 PM7 PMBaldy 119Unlimited
Dungeon World: Odvek's CastleChris SniezakTable TopFriday7 PM11 PMClemens 2065
Star Wars: Imperial Assault (Beginners)Dylan RizzoTable Top GamingFriday7 PM8 PMClemens 1075
Pajama Party: Going BattyFlutterbatPajama PartyFriday7 PM11 PMClemens 20220
Call of Cthulhu Blackwater CreekGarrett CroweTabletop GamingFriday7 PMOngoingClemens 1176
MUGEN ULTIMATE harlan and kotaVideo Gaming Friday7 PM8 PMKnox 420
Kpop Moves- Learn to dance like your Oppas!Izzy DezCosplayFriday7 PM9 PMSU 33035
Sailor Moon FATEJason ParkerTabletop GamingFriday7 PM11 PMClemens 1046
Ani LibRoshiDiscussion Friday7 PM8 PMClemens 10230
The Kings Game!!!!!!!ShotomonXGamesFriday7 PM8 PMClemens 22025
Iron CosplayUB CosplayCosplayFriday7 PM8 PMKnox 11030
Fallout: Niagara PlaytestingZachary F. ParkerTabletop GamingFriday7 PM11 PMClemens 12340
Final Fantasy XIV Courtney WatkinsdiscussionFriday8 PM9 PMClemens 103Unlimited
Werewolf HuntJill MeyerRPG Friday8 PM10 PMClemens 10730
DM Workshop, Part 1: Running Your TableNick SementelliPanelFriday8 PM10 PMClemens 10640
Guerilla ConRoshiRPFriday8 PM11 PMClemens 10250
Mobile Suit Gunpla: How to buildUB CosplayCosplayFriday8 PM9 PMKnox 11030
Pokemon vs Digimon: a Fan Perspective harlan and kotaPokemonFriday9 PM11 PMBaldy 11930
Late Night KaraokeJen And DanielleMusicFriday9 PM11 PMBaldy 120Unlimited
Shadowrun: Mix and MatchRafael KobayashiTabletop GamingFriday10 PMOngoingBaldy 1216
Nerf WarBrandon KohnNerf War Friday11 PMOngoingSU Lobby150
Anime Crack 2017: Now with Less Commercials!Peter ChericoAnimeFriday11 PMOngoingKnox 4Unlimited
UBCon Presents: Rocky Horror Picture Show Trixie TreatFilm ScreeningFriday11 PMOngoingSU 330Unlimited