Approved Events
By Day: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
By Type: Role playing Panel Anime Pokemon Magic The Gathering Trivia Gaming Cosplay Humor DND
TitleGMTypeDayTimeEnd TimeLocationMaximum Attendees
Iron Sock CosplayCosplayCosplaySaturday10 AMNoonBaldy 10730
Adventure League DND 1Jake NowakDNDSaturday10 AMOngoingBaldy 1238
Adventure League DND 2Jake NowakDNDSaturday10 AMOngoingBaldy 1258
Adventure League DND 3Jake NowakDNDSaturday10 AMOngoingBaldy 1268
Adventure League DND 4Jake NowakDNDSaturday10 AMOngoingBaldy 1278
Adventure League DND Character CreationJake NowakDNDSaturday10 AMOngoingBaldy 12120
Open GamingJake NowakGamingSaturday10 AMOngoingBaldy 10840
Anime Viewing RoomKyle MillerAnimeSaturday10 AM11:59 PMBaldy 11050
Pokemon Professor TryoutsProfessor Hawthorne and Professor SequoiaPokemonSaturday10 AM11:59 PMBaldy 112Unlimited
Pokemon Go Community DayAidan ForeroPokemonSaturday11 AMNoonBaldy 120Unlimited
Tea RoomCosplayCosplaySaturdayNoon3 PMBaldy 107Unlimited
Blind Fighting 2: Electric BoogalooJeb Leighton & Tabbatha GouletGamingSaturdayNoon2 PMBaldy 120128
Aerodrome 1.1Todd FreyburgerRole PlayingSaturday1 PM5 PMBaldy 1096
Wacky DraftBrianMagic The GatheringSaturday2 PM7 PMBaldy 11764
Mini Game That Tune!Jeb Leighton & Tabbatha GouletTriviaSaturday2 PM3 PMBaldy 120100
Paranoia The Bouncy Bubbly Beverage MurdersGarrett CroweRole playingSaturday4 PM6 PMBaldy 1066
Mini Trivia!Jeb Leighton & Tabbatha GouletTriviaSaturday4 PM6 PMBaldy 120Unlimited
Video Game Jeapordy/Family FeudSARPATriviaSaturday4 PM6 PMBaldy 115Unlimited
JackboxSARPAGamingSaturday6 PM7 PMBaldy 115Unlimited
Don't Break Anything 2Jacob Steinbroner PanelSaturday7 PM9 PMBaldy 10780
Dont Die YetCallie SholtzRole playingSaturday8 PM9 PMBaldy 1065
Bad Fanfiction ReadingSARPAHumorSaturday8 PM10 PMBaldy 115Unlimited
Wearwolf!Callie SholtzRole playingSaturday10 PM11:59 PMBaldy 10610