Defenders of Fallcrest (2018) D&D 5e
Defenders of Fallcrest returns in 2018 with another adventure in the Nentir Vale! After last year's near disastrous raid on the Young Black Dragon's lair, the dragon, Nisoro the Dark, has attacked the nearby city of Winterhaven in retaliation. Refugees have been pouring into Fallcrest for the last few weeks but there have been reports of caravans going missing without a trace, or bring found empty on the road, their occupants nowhere to be seen, abandoned without signs of a fight. The Lord Warden has once again called upon the Defenders and any other volunteers to investigate these reports and deal with whatever it is that threatens the King's Road however they see fit. ***Note: This is not an AL Game.

Game Master: Peter Cherico

Attendees will need: Pencils, Dice, and a Tier 1 Adventurers League Legal Character. Level 3 Pre-gen characters will be available, as will pencils and dice.

Minimum/Maximum Attendees: 3/6