Magic:the Gathering Wacky Draft
Each person brings 4 packs (3 to draft with and 1 for prize support).Players are seated randomly at the table, each player opens their first booster pack, chooses one card from the pack,then passes the rest of the pack to the player on their left. Once everyone has passed their packs, everyone picks up the next pack and picks another card. This process continues until all the cards from the pack have been picked. After this the process is repeated with the 2 other packs and players construct a 40 card deck with their cards and play 3 rounds of swiss parings

Game Master: Matt McComb

Attendees will need: 4 sealed magic the gathering booster packs (excluding the un-sets, the conspiracies, standard sets, and 8 card boosters) and a way to keep track of life

Minimum/Maximum Attendees: 8/40