Dread: The Utani Asylum
*Radio Crackles* "You need to get o--r ---- ri-- now, there have alrea-- ---- several casualt---. The asylum ju-- off route 202. Hurry, there ar- ------- ---- ----- everyw--- please yo- ---- -- ----. There's some kind o- ------ ----- affe---- the patients. Whatever you do, don---------------------- *Radio Crackles* Try not to panic as you navigate the claustrophobic hallways and witness the terrifying experiments performed in the bowels of the Utani Asylum. Dread is a horror-themed RPG whose rules and luck system make it ideal for new players. If you are new or experienced, pleas come and attend. There will be a limited number of slots available, but all who come are welcome to watch the spectacle unfold.

Game Master: Some nerd named Tom

Minimum/Maximum Attendees: 4/8