Original D&D RPG - "The Haunting of Coalwall"
Coalwall provides coal to the region at large. It's been a relatively peaceful town. But now something has come out of the mines. Animals and children go missing in the night; stores are ransacked; watchmen are found murdered in the streets; miners vanish in the middle of their shifts; and horrifying screams are heard echoing in the early hours before dawn. The miners refuse to work until something is done, endangering Coalwall's economy. It will take weeks for help from the palace to arrive. Both the town's militia and the watchmen are stretched thin. It's up to the townsfolk to investigate, and the Mayor is calling upon anyone skilled at arms or with useful talents to step forward and help. Oh, and if it helps? There is a reward...

Game Master: Rich Zimmerman

Attendees will need: Pencils

Minimum/Maximum Attendees: 3/7