Gangbusters RPG - "A Dry Spell"
Prohibition was enacted two years ago, and the small city of Black Rock has been drier than places where camels are said to roam. Faced with honest politicians, straight cops, and a Salvation Army that is more army than salvation, desperate citizens who are desiring more than just a little wine for their stomach's sake are up against the wall! There are enterprising individuals willing to provide, however. Double-Down Dan has a place all picked out, nice and cozy and away from prying eyes! He's got the girls, he's got the band, he's got the money, he's got all the trimmings needed for ensuring that anybody who wants a discreet drink or three can partake. What Double-Down does not have are the drinks. Which is where you come in...

Game Master: Rich Zimmerman

Attendees will need: Pencil, Percentile Dice

Minimum/Maximum Attendees: 3/7