Anime Crack 2018: Now with Reviews!
We're back! Get ready for UBCon's Best and Worst (in the best ways) late night panel returning for a 3rd year! What is Anime Crack you ask? Why should I come to this instead of the Nerf War or Rocky Horror Picture Show? Great questions that I really don't have the answers to! Come join us for more hilarious clips and the best dubs from your favorite shows, the strangest Japanese commercials I can find, more silly Anime Music Videos than you could shake a stick of Pocky at, and NEW THIS YEAR; "Real" Reviews and Abridged versions of Animes that I didn't have time to watch this year, so accuracy is not guaranteed! We're also bringing back some games from last year, which means free candy for correct answers!

Game Master: Peter Cherico

This event is only for attendees 18 years and older.

Minimum/Maximum Attendees: 0/0