Defenders of Fallcrest IV
The 2017 continuation of the Defenders of Fallcrest Dungeons and Dragons Campaign. This is designed for any level of D&D player, from beginner to veteran. We will be playing 5th Ed in the old 4th Ed setting of the Nentir Vale and the Town of Fallcrest. Older DoF characters can be used, or new ones can be made or picked from a few pregens I will bring. A new Dwarf Earl, Delgrim Skjölder, has been granted the Tower of Waiting as a keep after saving the Lord Warden's life. Last year, the Defenders were tasked to try and convince a group of bandits to work as guards during its construction as opposed to their career as highway men. It didn't work out as planned and they decided to just sign on as guards themselves. This is the continuation!

Game Master: Peter Cherico

Attendees will need: Pencils/Dice (I do have some of my own to share) Players can bring their own characters, if they wish. Characters must either be Adventurer's League legal or SRD at 3rd Level (PHB Only). Ability scores must use the Standard Array and Feats are not allowed. After creating a level 3 character, Players have 1000gp to spend how they wish on any items in the Equipment chapter, can pick out 1 trinket from the Trinket Table for character background, and may select one Common/uncommon Magic item from the DMG (No consumables). Older DoF Characters can be used.

Minimum/Maximum Attendees: 4/8