Dungeon World: The Tomb of Lorinane
Here lies Lorninane, Lord of Rhode-in-the-Hills. His tomb, long lost to the sands of time was discovered once more by Chandi, a Archivist and great admirer of Lorninane’s work. Lorninane was known as a powerful Summoner and Chandi believed his Tomb might hold the secret of Opjimar’s past. He devised a plan to excavate Lorninane’s Tomb and held no reservation nor cost. Unfortunately, a Kamaran rebellion overtook the excavation site and Chandri, nor his findings or results, were ever found. Since then, the Vitem (raw magical energy) has mutated natural creatures into abominations and drawn further horrors to the location. What mysteries lie in Chandri’s Minaret and further, the unplumbed depths of Lorninane’s Tomb!?

Game Master: Chris Sniezak

Minimum/Maximum Attendees: 3/5