Dungeons and Dragons Steampunk: Head of a Snake
"The technology of Alohir has managed to flourish in the past century. Since the end of the Draconic Wars, the kingdom has prospered. A diversity has sprung up in the kingdom as never seen before. Ogres living with humans and dragonkin heading taskforces. With the technology advancing faster than ever before, long-distance travel is possible without magic and food production is at an all-time high. Peace reigns, and all is right and just." -ADF General Reese in his national address on Mercury Day. This is an advanced game of D&D set in a steampunk universe. All are welcome to observe, but remember that space is very limited. Observers are asked not to comment on rules or regulations as time is limited.

Game Master: Some nerd named Tom

Minimum/Maximum Attendees: 7/7