Itty Bitty Gaming Club
Games can be hard to get into. A huge time commitment needs to be made just in order to learn the rules. But not today! Come join the Itty Bitty Gaming Club! Designed for nerds of all ages and sizes, the Itty Bitty Gaming Club will be playing the bite-sized games that take ten minutes to learn and another ten to play! We will play many rounds of several different games including One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Love Letter and the ever adorable Sushi Go! Tinkerbells or Titans, all sizes are welcome. Please remember that there will be language restrictions on all who play and poor sportsmanship will be met with disapproving glares so come with fun in mind, not a desire to win! So if you want to learn some cute, fun new games, come play!

Game Master: Some nerd named Tom

Minimum/Maximum Attendees: 5/30